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Genesis Series

What Makes
An Artist

The story 

This series is the culmination of all my artistic efforts to date;

Ten years of artistic expression and exploration leading to this moment.


The collection is deeply personal, but it’s so much bigger than just myself;

it’s about all the people who are dealing with mental health issues.

And that’s my biggest wish for this project, to be a vehicle

that carries the discussion and reduces the stigma around mental health. 


The process behind these pieces involved a great deal of introspection and vulnerability.

Instead of shamefully hiding these feelings deep inside me, I decided to bring them out in the open,

give them a form, name them, befriend them, even. And by doing so I was able to regain control.

Deconstruct and reshape.


For me, it was very important that each piece seamlessly loops since all these struggles I portray

tend to manifest in repeating cycles. Special attention was given to naming the pieces, as well.

The juxtaposition of the negative feeling with a positive adjective might hint towards sarcasm,

but it’s more about my intention to balance things out, as public discourse around mental illness

is typically inclined towards the negative.

Ultimately, this series acts as a reminder that we can turn challenges into opportunities,

and struggles into strengths. I hope that it brings you a sense of relief and solace

in face of the challenging experiences we encounter every day.

The Story
The Collection


Only one third of the collection has been created so far.

Progress Bar 35%.png

The project is ongoing. New pieces are constantly being added.

There will be no more than 100 pieces in the collection,

although the final number may be less than that.

The process behind each piece is a very meticulous one,

hence the slow-paced release of new pieces.

Thanks for the patience!


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